Tyler Stevens is not just a California native, he was born and raised in Ventura. Growing up, he knew what a desirable corner of the world this is.

After acquiring his degree he gravitated towards restaurant management, where with his outgoing and friendly nature, he found it easy to both communicate with and serve the local community.

This also allowed him to invest in a property, which he successfully flipped. That’s when he found his passion for the real estate process as a whole. Aware that any real estate transaction can be a complicated, overwhelming ordeal, Tyler has decided to take on that responsibility for you.

He has chosen to tap into the resources of a knowledgeable, dedicated team to better assist you in the sale of your property or to buy that dream home. A real estate transaction could be a great experience. Let Tyler show you how!

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Position: Real Estate Agent

Phone: (805) 830-5800

Mobile: (805) 766-9495